Marketers discover the value of email marketing

Marketers discover the value of email marketing

Since the advent of the pandemic, many employees have relied on remote working for safety. As a result, many marketers discovered the marketing potential of emails.

During a time when the way we work has changed drastically, email has remained a consistent and essential communication platform.

Email’s marketing value

Email is used for more than just keeping in touch with co-workers. It also provides a low-cost, customisable marketing avenue to reach potential and existing customers. This is especially useful in the aftermath of the epidemic, when many firms have reduced their marketing spending.

Email, unlike other forms of digital marketing, provides a direct communication route. Leads may be segmented and receive personalised content relevant to them. It also gives prospects a place to respond and provide comments.

A professional email signature is a vital tool to reach marketing objectives. For example, email signatures offer free real estate for advertising information. In addition, unlike similar email marketing content that might be reported as spam, the provided content within an email signature is delivered every time.

Benefits of email signatures

Businesses need to include the right content in their corporate email signatures to reap the marketing rewards.

Firstly, email signatures must include all relevant contact information like the sender’s full name, job title, website URL, email address, and physical address so the recipient knows exactly how they can get in touch.

Then, since email signatures are the ideal space for promotional resources, like the business’ latest white paper, a CTA to access with a link can be discreetly included without looking spammy or inappropriate.

In addition, the personal nature of email makes it the perfect platform for gathering customer feedback too. Monitoring the customer experience allows businesses to improve their offering and target their ongoing content towards those who provide the greatest return.

Contact Bizam for details

One of the most innovative ways to create marketing email signatures is to outsource them to experts like Bizam. It’s an easy way to ensure a professional design of email signatures across your whole organisation. Contact our team today for more information.


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