The benefits of bulk SMS marketing

The benefits of bulk SMS marketing

As a business owner, you should look for ways to cut costs while increasing profits. Among all cost-effective business-building strategies, bulk SMS marketing is a strategy all businesses should consider. Everyone owns a mobile device, so bulk SMS marketing is an effective strategy.

You can build your business by communicating with customers through texts as you do with family and friends.

How bulk SMS marketing differs from email marketing

Bulk SMS marketing is a versatile way to thank customers after they make purchases and promote your store. You can also send those surveys via SMS and get a quick response or product feedback. Furthermore, bulk SMS marketing is great because text messaging is more personal than email marketing, making it an excellent strategy for generating sales.

What is bulk SMS marketing?

Mobile phones are the most common mode of communication. That is why bulk SMS marketing is such an important strategy for businesses. Bulk SMS marketing emerged as the most effective and direct mode of communication today. Many successful companies use this strategy to boost their profits and improve communication.

Bulk SMS marketing, in general, is a communication channel that allows businesses to communicate with their contact database via phone. It entails creating text messages containing marketing information like promotions and sending them to contacts in their database. In addition, it is powerful, simple, and efficient and benefits customers and businesses in various ways. For example, bulk SMS marketing is used to notify clients, send alerts, reminders, verification codes, one-time passwords, and other messages.

Bulk SMS marketing reduces business costs, is a practical and direct method of reaching out to clients, and guarantees on-time delivery.

Advantages of bulk SMS marketing

There are several advantages to using bulk SMS as a marketing strategy.

It has an extremely high read rate

Bulk SMS marketing is effective because it has a higher read rate than emails and other modes of communication. This is because it does not require an internet connection to read. In addition, it saves time and energy that would otherwise be spent on traditional methods of communicating information, making it a great way to interact with your audience at a low cost.

It is affordable and practical

Bulk SMS marketing has lower running costs and setup fees than other marketing strategies. As a result, the return on investment is high, particularly for businesses dealing with existing customers. These customers are more likely to receive product information or promotions, sales offers, and new products in the market via text. This enables businesses to maintain open communication with their

customers and continuous subscriptions. In return, this enables companies to achieve success and consistency, and as a result, they thrive in competitive markets.

Bulk SMS marketing is practical

Many businesses use bulk SMS marketing to respond to and track customer feedback, product inquiries, etc. This is a user-friendly interface because there is no need to connect to the internet, making it convenient and simple to use.

It ensures improved client communication

Healthy client relationships are essential for businesses. You can use a bulk SMS marketing strategy to maintain positive customer interactions. For example, you can ask the database’s target recipients to leave feedback and reviews on specific products. Unfortunately, many businesses that struggle with communication relationships choose the incorrect communication channels that generate few responses. Bulk SMS marketing allows clients to personalize their messages and puts the customer first.

Text messages are unobtrusive and can be sent anywhere in the world. Clients can use this platform to get information quickly. It is simple to select target customers based on demographics and location by tracking customers’ purchasing habits, making it a good strategy for increasing customer loyalty.

It is a fast communication channel

Many advertising trends have emerged due to technological advancements, but SMS remains consistent and adaptable. This is a simple channel with an immediate and direct exchange of information. Bulk SMS marketing allows businesses to send messages to hundreds of clients in minutes. This enables you to upsell as many products as possible while also converting leads in a stress-free manner.

Proactive customers

Businesses thrive because of their interactions with customers, employees, and shareholders. Maintaining frequent communication is critical, and bulk SMS marketing is the best channel to do so. It’s an excellent way to connect business owners and customers to easily sustain your business. With customer involvement reinforced, they feel appreciated and valued, increasing brand loyalty. This improves customer purchasing decisions.

It is an excellent and readily available reference

Bulk SMS marketing is the most effective tool for reviewing customer feedback and developing the best branding strategies for the company. With records of client responses, you can assess areas for improvement and devise the best business strategy. In addition, bulk SMS marketing allows business owners to measure the success of their marketing tactics and identify promotions that generate quick responses.

How to market with bulk SMSes

There are a few steps to ensure the success of your bulk SMS marketing efforts.

Create a target contact list

Create a target contacts list of priority accounts to pursue once you’ve identified potential clients to convert your sales and leads. These lists are critical for customizing conversations. In addition, they allow you to focus on prospects that will increase your overall ROI, improves workflow and sales, and increases a consistent buyer lifecycle.

Write a personalized message

Create content to send to this specific list of numbers. Ensure the message is helpful, contains all the relevant information, and is short.

Add segmentation

The segments in the contact list are essential because they allow you to engage by location, gender, industry, niches, etc.

Choose your timing carefully

Because time is always of the essence, communicating the message at the appropriate time is critical for your bulk SMS marketing campaign’s success.

Analyse your bulk SMS marketing campaign

It’s crucial to analyze the performance of your bulk SMS marketing campaign to gauge its success and update any elements that can improve your results.

Contact Bizam for details

Bulk SMS marketing strategies are used to grow businesses. Bizam can help you create and send measurable bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Contact our team today for more information.

Understand The Basics Of Email Marketing

Today, we’re bombarded with email marketing campaigns, and while some of it still feels spammy, there’s no denying the impact a well-crafted message can have on your customers, let alone CRM and lead nurturing.

With email marketing you can connect with your target audience to promote your brand and increase sales. These emails can be used to sell products, share news, reduce cart abandonment, or tell a story.

Is email marketing effective?

When communicating about your brand or selling your products, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods.

People are still receiving an increasing amount of emails, and it can be challenging to stand out in overflowing inboxes. That’s why services like Bizam provide you with the tools you need to shine and create effective email marketing campaigns.

How to obtain an email list

You’ll get the best return on investment if you build and maintain an engaged subscriber list comprised of people who want to receive your messages and opted in on purpose. Although building a clean list may require more effort at the start of your email marketing strategy, it will pay off in the long run.

There are several ways to find people who will look forward to receiving your emails, and these have proven to be the most effective.

To create an email list:

· Make a signup form for your website. When people visit your website for the first time and like what they see, they’ll want to learn more about your company. So make a form for newsletter signups and a pop-up to collect customer information from your visitors.

· Make use of an old-fashioned signup sheet. When you’re surrounded by people interested in what you do, whether it’s at your physical store or an event you’re hosting or attending, provide a place for them to sign up and learn more.

· Increase signups by using social media. If you don’t have an extensive email list or want to see it grow and you have an engaged social media following, use it. Share your signup form on social media.

To increase your subscribers on an existing list:

· Hold a contest or provide a discount. Giving people a reason to sign up for your email list is a good idea, and contests work. Consider giving away a prize to a lucky new subscriber or a discount code for a first purchase.

· Make it simple for people to forward your emails. People will want to share your beautiful, compelling emails with valuable information.

· Create a landing page with your best imagery and content, provide a clear call to action and significantly increase email signups.

You should not buy an email list since purchased lists are ineffective, and many of the emails will be marked as spam, resulting in a high unsubscribe rate. Obtain permission. Everyone on your mailing list should have opted in to receive emails from you, and their consent should be explicit and verifiable. This is an explicit condition of the POPI Act. In addition, you always need to include a link to unsubscribe.

Quick email marketing guide

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your company, whether you want to build your brand or sell more products. This quick email marketing guide includes effective strategies to ensure you get the most out of this platform.

Start with a strategy

To create an effective email marketing strategy, do the following:

· Define your target audience so you can effectively communicate with them. Your signup sources can help you collect valuable data and determine why they are interested in your brand and aim relevant messages to them.

· Consider your content. Ensure the message you want to convey serves a purpose that speaks to your subscribers and why they signed up.

· Determine your sending frequency and objectives. There is no definite rule for how often you should email your customers. Send your email campaign at your own pace and monitor the unsubscribe and click-through rates to adjust the frequency as needed.

· Create a schedule similar to the calendar for your campaigns, blog posts, social media posts, and other activities to ensure you stay on track. Your email marketing schedule will be determined by your industry, the types of content you send, and the sending frequency.

Email design

Presentation is everything. Keep your message in mind and your design simple when creating email marketing campaigns. Organise all your campaign’s elements in a hierarchy, with the most critical information or main takeaway at the top, so people can quickly scan your email if they’re short on time.

Test and retest

Send test emails to co-workers who can proofread your email for typos and provide feedback on the layout.

Split testing and testing as many as three variations for campaigns are possible with A/B testing tools. Elements to test and adjust include subject lines, content, and send times. You can test your reach to see how many people receive your emails to ensure you continuously optimise your emails for maximum impact.

Evaluate the results

Gather marketing analytics to assist you in refining your marketing strategy in the future. Data points to gather include:

· Clicks and opens

· Data from e-commerce

· Traffic to a website

Contact Bizam for details

Emails have long been used as a form of advertising, and email marketing remains an effective campaign tool, whatever the purpose of the mail.

Bizam can help you create measurable email marketing campaigns with the necessary Google Analytics parameters to ensure you can track the success of your email marketing efforts and adjust the various elements for improved results. Contact our team today for more information.

Email Marketing In The Information Age

Email Marketing In The Information Age

The information age is well and truly upon us. The average person is exposed to no fewer than 100 gigabytes of information each day, equating to around 10 000 messages, emails, videos, blogs, websites, memes, billboards, TV and radio ads, and telemarketing calls all vying for our attention.

Getting email and SMS campaigns to break the barrier of your audience’s attention in such a climate might seam like a losing battle, but only if you don’t adapt to what email marketing can do to leverage and work with this vortex of data.

Here we will take a look at how your email and SMS campaigns can adapt to take advantage of the latest technology and ways of getting through to your target market.


In the information age you can find out everything you need to about your target audience by searching the web, reading about people’s experience, and applying all the data available to you in your campaigns.

You can scour industry niche forums to find out what the hopes and pain points are of the people you are trying to prospect and use this information to address those factors directly in your campaigns to them.

Understanding exactly who you are mailing is important in this regard, since it allows you to personalise your messages in content, tone, and objective, allowing you to build a better repour with the people you are trying to connect with.


With that said, you now have the power to personalise campaigns fairly easily according to who you are mailing, which industry they are from (or what their demographic needs are) to address their problems directly.

Using data drawn from audience behaviours on the web, you can craft example persona’s that represent your audience, their hopes, and their concerns in a way that let’s you craft campaigns that speak directly to them.

Enhancing these efforts through automation is also simple using input fields that tweak each message to give it a personal touch for the reader.


A cardinal email marketing sin is wasting your readers’ time. Nobody wants to spend their days scouring through lengthy emails to get the point. Make your messages short and snappy, devoid of any fluff. Say only what needs saying and keep it short.

If your email is any longer than 100 words, chances are it’s just going to go straight to the junk folder.

Similarly, don’t bury the lead. In other words, get right to the point. Let the reader know from the very beginning why they should be interested so that they don’t have to read further to know what’s going on.


Be conversational, make it sound like the email or SMS is coming from a human being with a personality (even in a professional context) rather than a generic machine.

Remember that your message is competing against a sea of others, all looking for a slice of your audience’s headspace. The ones with the authentically human voice will always win out, so give your campaign a human face and voice.


You can greatly enhance your email and SMS campaigns with a little extra magic that uses personalisation to make your brand’s personality shine through in all communication. If you would like to know more about using us to do just that and enhance your campaigns, be sure to visit the Bizam website to find out more.

The basics of email signature marketing

Email signature marketing is a business-to-business (B2B) email marketing strategy that uses your employees’ email signatures to promote your organisation’s products and services. Email signature marketing is typically enabled by clickable call-to-actions (CTAs) or banners below an employee’s name and contact information. These banners promote products, content, and offers by driving traffic to them.

What is an email signature?

An email signature is a block of text used as a sign-off at the end of emails. It typically includes the sender’s personal information like their position and contact information. Email signatures can also include company information and a disclaimer.

Companies often have email signature management policies that ensure all a company’s email signatures are consistent, on-brand, and compliant. An email signature management platform lets you roll out automatic signature updates from a central hub without IT support. These updates could include a change in the company’s address, an employee’s new title following a promotion, or a business rebranding.

Implementing email signature marketing

Any company looking to amplify its existing marketing efforts in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) spaces can use email signature marketing. However, to be most effective, email signature marketing should be integrated into your comprehensive omnichannel marketing strategy, drawing attention to your most important activities.

However, larger businesses are more likely to see a higher ROI from email signature marketing. After all, the more emails you send, the more impressions, click-throughs, and conversions your signature banners will receive.

Advantages of email signature marketing

Email signature marketing makes money. It costs almost nothing to set up this marketing channel, and it serves as a continuous running campaign that takes advantage of the activity you are already doing. As a result, it is a low-cost, high-potential marketing channel that assists you in selling with every email you send, whether you intend to or not.

Reaching high volumes of people. Every year, employees send many emails. And each one represents a chance to convert a customer using a relevant email signature marketing banner.

Cost-effective. Email signature marketing gives you ownership of a channel. No one can raise ad space prices, and no one can compete with you.

It’s easy to control. Email signature marketing platforms provide centralised access to each employee’s email signature. This eliminates the need for employees to set up and update their signatures individually. As a result, you can achieve complete brand consistency.

Highly targeted communication. Email signature marketing allows various departments within your company to send relevant CTAs to their contacts. This increases the likelihood of nurturing and converting customers.

It can be measured. Marketers can measure the effectiveness of their email signature marketing campaigns. This can be done by analysing impressions and click-throughs.

The purpose of email signature marketing

Email signature marketing can be used for various purposes, including:

· Sharing content like white papers, eBooks, case studies, videos, and podcasts.

· Announcing important company news like a product update, award wins, or website relaunch.

· Upselling existing customers on new products and features.

· Increasing webinar and event registrations.

· Highlighting special offers and deals.

· Testing paid ads before launching them live.

· Communicating with your staff internally about internal job openings, charity drives, employee workshops, etc.

KPIs for email signature marketing

Email signature marketing makes use of your signature block as an advertising space for your business. And, of course, you’d want to track the effectiveness of your ad or campaign. To accomplish this, you should use proper tracking and send the data to your respective analytics platform for measurement and analysis.

Primary email signature marketing metrics include:

· Email signature impressions

· Email signature clicks

· Email signature click-through rate

You can also create your own metrics based on your business needs, including purchases, demo signups, and pageviews generated by your email signature.

Contact Bizam for details

Emails have long been used as a form of advertising. However, email signature marketing remains an effective way to get noticed, whatever the purpose of the mail. A survey found that 62% of businesses already use email signature marketing. So, if you don’t want to be left behind by your competitors, now is an excellent time to get started.

Bizam can help you create measurable email signature marketing campaigns with the necessary Google Analytics parameters to ensure you can track the success of your email signature marketing efforts and adjust the essential elements for improved results. Contact our team today for more information.

The benefits of using email banners

The benefits of using email banners

If you’re looking for a way to improve your email marketing strategy and increase your email click-through rate, it’s time to stop worrying about subject lines, email sender names, and CTA placements and instead focus on optimising your email banners.

An exciting email header can pique your readers’ interest and convert them from readers to buyers. In addition, the email banner will ensure you visually stand out among the hundreds of other emails in your recipients’ inboxes you’re competing with.

Fortunately, incorporating email banners into your overall and specifically email marketing strategy is easy with the help of experts in the field. Experts like the team at Bizam.

What exactly is an email banner?

An email banner, also known as an email header, is a graphic that appears at the top of your email. It introduces your company and sets the tone for the email.

Email banners should not be confused with email signature banners, which appear at the bottom of an email and often include your email signature and links to your social media handles, the Unsubscribe button, and other information. However, email signature banners can also be effective, but don’t use both in the same message. Bizam can help you decide which is the best option for you and help design your email banners – whether top or bottom – according to best practices.

What should an email banner contain?

For this article, we’ll focus on email header banners. Of course, what goes into an email banner varies depending on the industry, type of email, and the email recipient. That being said, there are some elements to consider when designing an email banner.

Your brand name and logo

You can keep your email banner simple by using only your brand name and making it prominent so people immediately know exactly whose email they’re reading. Yes, it should be evident from the email sender, but it’s never a bad idea to reinforce your brand.

Brand colours

As part of your brand’s corporate identity (CI), it should have a defined colour palette that distinguishes it from the competition. If you want your fans or customers to know it’s you from first glance, your email banner should always feature your brand colours. It’s also a great way to help new brands and businesses raise brand awareness among their expanding customer base.

Include a link to your website

Make sure your banner image links to your website or, in the case of a special promotion or the announcement of a new product, links to the product/promotion. Even better, you can include a call to action (CTA) button in your banner image to encourage clicks to your destination page.

New products or advertising

This only applies to emails announcing a new product launch or a promotion. Include some product images as a preview of what to expect. And, if you’re sharing a promotion, make sure to emphasise the discount so that it grabs the readers’ attention and entices them to click. People love a good deal, so if you have one, make sure it’s prominently displayed on your email banner.

Spread the news

If you’ve been promoted, or if the business received a prestigious award, share the good news in your email banner design.

Email banner design

Place your email banner where it makes sense – near relevant and significant content to ensure that your reader notices it and that it is above your disclaimer.

Important design considerations, especially if you’re using an existing advertising banner from other marketing channels, include:

· Adjust the banner’s size to fit within the email viewing window.

· Modify the call-to-action so that it is pertinent to the email content.

· Include a tagged URL to track clicks easily.

Contact Bizam for details

Emails have long been used as a form of advertising. Email marketing remains an effective way to get noticed, whatever the purpose of the mail. It all begins with the email banner, and if you do this correctly, your sales should increase.

Bizam can help you create measurable email banner campaigns with the necessary Google Analytics parameters to ensure you can track the success of your email marketing efforts and adjust the necessary elements for improved results. Contact our team today for more information.

Understanding email signature marketing

Email signature marketing is a way of standardising your business’ email signature template across the entire organisation and creating an advertising channel ideal for brand awareness and marketing. Read on to discover how email signature marketing can benefit your business.

Promote events

Every email sent by your employees offers an opportunity to drive event registrations. A call to action included in the signature can link your mail recipient to a landing page with more information relating to the event, allowing users an easy way to sign up.

Support sales

As part of a comprehensive marketing plan, ensure you align your email signature marketing initiatives with each stage of the buyer’s journey. Then, ensure you share the information you want to promote in every email sent by your sales tea to your most vital prospects and customers.

Internal engagement

Internal communication and employee engagement are critical in every firm, regardless of its size. When you send an email to a co-worker, the email signature banner can update to an internal message. In this instance, email signatures can be used for corporate announcements, remind about future team meetings, and even share philanthropic activities.

Contact Bizam for details

Email is used by businesses more than any other form of communication combined. Despite the availability of video conferencing, Internet calling, and instant messaging, email remains the most efficient and easy way of communication. As a result, email signature marketing may be quite effective.

A business email signature may be used to sell in various ways. For example, for big campaigns and events, an email signature promotional banner might be attached. Companies may also establish corporate email signature rules to increase brand awareness and recognition by making it more straightforward for individuals to identify themselves as members of the firm and for others who contact the business to recognise their taglines easily.

The more emails sent out, the more effective the email signature marketing becomes. Your business will increase brand recognition with each subsequent email, essentially presenting a unified front through marketing and sales.

One of the smartest ways to create email marketing signatures is by outsourcing them to experts like Bizam. It’s an easy way to ensure a professional design of email marketing signatures across your whole organisation. Contact our team today for more information.


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