Email Marketing In The Information Age

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Email Marketing In The Information Age

The information age is well and truly upon us. The average person is exposed to no fewer than 100 gigabytes of information each day, equating to around 10 000 messages, emails, videos, blogs, websites, memes, billboards, TV and radio ads, and telemarketing calls all vying for our attention.

Getting email and SMS campaigns to break the barrier of your audience’s attention in such a climate might seam like a losing battle, but only if you don’t adapt to what email marketing can do to leverage and work with this vortex of data.

Here we will take a look at how your email and SMS campaigns can adapt to take advantage of the latest technology and ways of getting through to your target market.


In the information age you can find out everything you need to about your target audience by searching the web, reading about people’s experience, and applying all the data available to you in your campaigns.

You can scour industry niche forums to find out what the hopes and pain points are of the people you are trying to prospect and use this information to address those factors directly in your campaigns to them.

Understanding exactly who you are mailing is important in this regard, since it allows you to personalise your messages in content, tone, and objective, allowing you to build a better repour with the people you are trying to connect with.


With that said, you now have the power to personalise campaigns fairly easily according to who you are mailing, which industry they are from (or what their demographic needs are) to address their problems directly.

Using data drawn from audience behaviours on the web, you can craft example persona’s that represent your audience, their hopes, and their concerns in a way that let’s you craft campaigns that speak directly to them.

Enhancing these efforts through automation is also simple using input fields that tweak each message to give it a personal touch for the reader.


A cardinal email marketing sin is wasting your readers’ time. Nobody wants to spend their days scouring through lengthy emails to get the point. Make your messages short and snappy, devoid of any fluff. Say only what needs saying and keep it short.

If your email is any longer than 100 words, chances are it’s just going to go straight to the junk folder.

Similarly, don’t bury the lead. In other words, get right to the point. Let the reader know from the very beginning why they should be interested so that they don’t have to read further to know what’s going on.


Be conversational, make it sound like the email or SMS is coming from a human being with a personality (even in a professional context) rather than a generic machine.

Remember that your message is competing against a sea of others, all looking for a slice of your audience’s headspace. The ones with the authentically human voice will always win out, so give your campaign a human face and voice.


You can greatly enhance your email and SMS campaigns with a little extra magic that uses personalisation to make your brand’s personality shine through in all communication. If you would like to know more about using us to do just that and enhance your campaigns, be sure to visit the Bizam website to find out more.

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