Email Signature Marketing

Use Interactive Signatures and banner campaigns with multiple web links to increase website and social media traffic.

Email Marketing

Bizam’s digital platform makes it easy to create beautifully designed emails that drive results.

SMS Campaigns

One of the most important tasks for a business is to maintain contact with its customers and subscribers.

But what is Bizam?

And why should your business care?

Bizam allows you to bolster your brand with customisable email banner signature marketing. It allows your business to engage with your customers and share your brand, promotions, or message in a way that drives improved interaction and leaves a lasting impression.
Bizam takes email banner signature marketing to new, creative heights.
Here’s how we make the magic happen:

Customisable Email Signatures & Banners

And why should your business care?

Bizam offers customisable and scalable email banner signature marketing packages that are designed to encourage more interaction from your email campaigns.
We offer packages catering for most major email service providers that offer monthly licenced email banner signatures, across multiple departments in your business.
These can be animated, interactive, topical, customisable and include unlimited text changes to banner signatures ensuring everyone in your business has the same corporate identity.
Secure. Interactive. Simple to deploy and compatible across multiple devices and platforms, breathing unique life into your email campaigns has never been easier and more beneficial.

How Bizam Benefits Your Brand

An Adaptable Solution

Bizam provides businesses with a completely adaptable branding solution. Customise your email banner signatures at a moment’s notice. Tailor them to specific employees, departments, promotions, and offerings, at the drop of a hat, and change them whenever you like.

Recognisable Identity

Build a Recognisable Corporate Identity

Use your email campaigns to build an instantly recognisable and influential corporate identity for your business. Let your customers know exactly who they are talking to and where they can find you, by keeping your brand in their thoughts. Adapt your CI when you need to, customise banner signatures to fit your brand’s personality.
Don’t just use email campaigns to get your name out there, Bizam lets your business show your market what it looks like!

How Bizam Benifits Your Brand

Drive Improved Interaction through Email Campaigns

Bizam email banner signature marketing is fully interactive. Drive your customers to your website and social media pages with interactive links, create excitement with animations, upsell your existing clients using interactive banner signatures and improve the experience of your recipients by offering personalisation.

How Bizam Benifits Your Brand

Seamless & Professional Design

Bizam puts your brand’s identity at the forefront with professional and customisable designs, professionally created to highlight the best and most recognisable elements of your brand, its personnel, features, offers and departments.
Carefully and thoughtfully designed, these custom banner signatures heighten the professionalism of your corporate identity.


Additional Features

While our focus is on injecting life and excitement into your email banner signature marketing to drive more meaningful interactions from your audience, we also offer additional services to ensure that your new banner signatures are put in front of the right people.

Run Bulk Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns

Take advantage of the economy of scale with our specially designed bulk email and SMS marketing services. Bizam allows your business to conduct medium to small bulk email & SMS campaigns that reach 5001 people and allows businesses to scale up to campaigns with a reach of over 1000001.
Email & SMS marketing remains one of the most effective ways for brands to get their message out there. Why not take advantage of it with specialised bulk email and email banner signature marketing campaigns with Bizam?


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