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5 Techniques for Spotting Mistaks Before They Go Live


Launching a new website can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You want to show off what you’ve been building, what you’ve learned, and the creative solutions you’ve come up with. You can already taste that first celebratory taco. You go live. At first, you get a lot of comments from your friends […]

Can AI Solve Your UX Design Problems?


One of Mark Zuckerberg’s key New Year resolutions for 2016 was to build his own “simple AI bot” that could help him with the household tasks. Remember the image of the butler, Jarvis from Iron Man? That’s a well-known Hollywood example of how a simple AI works. But, what precisely is Artificial Intelligence and how […]

4 Usability Testing Tools for Designers on a Budget


Have you ever encountered a website with confusing navigation? Been sent down the wrong path by misleading labels? Or needed your best detective skills to find a particular piece of content? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? What can companies do to ensure that users can find what they are looking for on a website? Usability testing […]

How to Boost App Downloads by A/B Testing Icons


How can you tell which app icon will result in the most app store downloads? Answer: simply by looking, you can’t. Even an experienced designer couldn’t answer this question with certainty, however, there is a solution — A/B testing. A/B testing is not a new concept, however, when trying to increase downloads/conversions, many make the […] A Visual Tool for Finding and Fixing Design Bugs


When you’re beginning a brand-new design project, you probably start at the same place every time. On blank paper and pencil… Or maybe a wireframing/mock-up tool Sketches turn into wireframes. Wireframes turn into prototypes. Prototypes turn into fleshed out designs. But what happens during that final 10% of the project? The site is working but […]