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Can AI Solve Your UX Design Problems?


One of Mark Zuckerberg’s key New Year resolutions for 2016 was to build his own “simple AI bot” that could help him with the household tasks. Remember the image of the butler, Jarvis from Iron Man? That’s a well-known Hollywood example of how a simple AI works. But, what precisely is Artificial Intelligence and how […]

​Easily Set Up, Manage, and Protect Your Apple Devices with Jamf Now


This article was sponsored by Jamf Now. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Employees have never been more mobile, increasing the demand for connected smart devices. Between visiting customers, working from home, being embedded with clients, or simply working on the go, connectivity and security is vital to the health and bottom […]

Podcast: Google Ventures on When Design Sprints Go Bad


In 2016 Google Ventures (GV) design partner Jake Knapp released a seminal book called Sprint. The book introduced the idea of ‘Design Sprints’, a concept that had existed within Google for several years and was a mainstay in the toolset employed by GV with their portfolio of companies. Many of you will have heard of […]

New Podcast: #Ep1 – Designing for Scale: Inside Atlassian’s Design Teams


SitePoint is teaming up with the True North Podcast for the launch of their fantastic second series. In this first episode, Ben Newton talks to Atlassian Design Team about how design – and the teams behind it – can successfully scale. If you’re like me, when you think of a company like Google, Facebook or […]